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AVG or NOD32?


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Re: AVG or NOD32???????????

Why not try something like Bitdefender? it has a small footprint and seems to be pretty good at keeping away nasties.


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Re: AVG or NOD32???????????

Well out of those two NOD32 has won the most acclaim, I have never used it, do a google and search the reviews..



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Re: AVG or NOD32???????????

I have been using AVG for a little while now. Works pretty good wrt to functionality and resources, only gripe I would have is that it isn't as good as other Antivirus programs at removing infections.


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Re: AVG or NOD32???????????

NOD32 by far the elite of them all IMHO for detection and most consistent VB100 track records and heurestics. AVG is still a great antivirus even its free verson which i use for my XP rig.

here is a list from ICSA labs to help with a decission june 2006 report


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Re: AVG or NOD32???????????

I use AVG Pro and have been using it for quite some time now. I have had great results with it. I also have AVG free on my Daughters' computers and they are on LimeWire like no ones business. So far so good. Sooooo anyway, that be what I use. :)
Re: AVG or NOD32???????????

I've been using AVG for 2 years and no infections have gotten through so who cares how good it is at removal. Plenty of tools and help for getting malware off a machine.

Thinking about it, if you run an AV and have experience at removing viruses then your AV sucks. :p
Re: AVG or NOD32???????????

The prblem with AVG (pro and fre) ist that while you think no infectiosn have got through (cos it doesnt alert you) it doesn infact let some very nasty ones through if you encounter them, where as the market leaders (Kaspersky, F-Secure and NOD32) dont.

There is a reason why those three are market leaders and AVG isn't.

AVG is popluar because of the free version and people don't like to admit that free software in some sectors is not as good as commercial software.

All you whou run AVG, I recommend you remove it and test nod32 for a month. Make your mind up.


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Re: AVG or NOD32???????????

I'd keep NOD32 on my machine, but running pc-cillin at the moment and it requires other AV/firewall to be removed/disabled. :(


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Re: AVG or NOD32???????????

Just installed NOD32 for the 30-day run, I'll see how I like it.

I was running McAfee 8.0i for awhile at home, switched to AVG free about 2 months ago but it really doesn't impress me less the fact it is free.

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