AVG Not Updateing


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9 Jul 2002
Any1 else haveing this problem from the Program itself when you click update nothing happens then tells you to go to the site for them??

Just wana ask b4 i install again??
had the same problem with the free version. which do you have?
Do a search on the forums. Someone (Henyman?) posted some sites to add to the update list that seem to have worked for some people.
you are not supposed to add those servers because they are provided for the people who actually pay for their software. Just keep trying and it will go through, has never taken longer than twice here.
I dont care what you do, I am just stating fact.
I find that often AVG just sits there looking like it's doing nothing. I just leave it open and it eventually updates. (start a game of solitare or something)
Thx try that now

yes was the Free version

Was to Tired and forgot to Search :|

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