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AVG Antivirus


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I have been using this program for awhile now, long enough and never had any problems. I don't know if I changed anything or what it is, but recently AVG keeps doing system scans. It seems like random times, I know it's not when I want it too. I can't find the options to change that, anyhelp?
1. Open the control center

2. From the menu on the left click Test Center

3. In the Test Center window choose Scheduler from the left menu.

This should show you the scheduled scans and updates. The defaults are set to scan daily at 8:00am and update between 8:00am and 9:59am.

If you miss a scan and the option is set it will automatically scan on your next boot. This could be why you are getting scans at random times.


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Alright, I found it, but It doesn't really give the option to do it once in the morning. I want it to do it around 3:00AM, how do I do that?
Just noticed that you can't create a new scan unless you use the Pro version...... so what you need to do is edit the scan listed and change the time to 3:00am.
1. highlight the what ever scan is listed in scheduler and click the delete button.

2. Click New Schedule and follow the steps to create a new complete scan and set time to 3:00am. make sure the run at next boot option if missted is unchecked.

That should do it. I don't have the Pro version so I can walk you through the exact steps in the scheduler.


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There is nothing listed in there, only option to change the time, and if it repeats if not done...I know I have pro, where is it?
so if you click edit scan you don't have a checkbox that says "If missed, start immediately when computer starts up"?

You also might want to take a look at this if you continue to have trouble:

AVG Pro 7.1 Manual (.pdf)

Section 8.2 goes into detail about the Scheduler.
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I go into Test Center, on the top bar I click on "Tests", go down too "Sceduale Daily Test" and it gives me the option of when to start the scan, 01:00 to 23:00 and it gives me the option of "If missed, start immediately when computer starts up", which is now unchecked. It does not give me anything else...


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Thanks alot tdinc, that was great help, I didn't have the schedule option in the sidebar, I needed to add it.

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