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AVG AntiVirus Free 7.0 Build 296 - Released Dec. 10


From the AVG website:

This update contains many fixes and improvements. Most important changes include:

- improved processing of database files by the resident shield, that solves problems with slow performance of some systems and applications

- improved archive handling - better support for various malformed archives
fixed bug with AVG Control Center indicated as "not responding" on certain Win9x systems

- improvements in the Personal e-mail scanner and many other.

Download here: Grisoft


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mine updated yesterday 6 mb update i knew that wasnt only defs' so i checked if the version changed after it updated and i was right yay!


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I just tried to update by AVG and the Update Manager said that a new version was ready. When I clicked on the button it said: "New update ready{Level: Recommended upgrade}. Next update scheduled on 12/12/2004 9:24AM from www.grisoft.cz."

I guess since I have virus updates scheduled, it also schedules version updates. It must be trying to schedule uploads to keep the servers from being too busy. Since it's free, I'll wait for the scheduled upload.


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perris said:

it's a server problem in this area...my work box won't udate either...it says there's no connection, though there is
I have this problem also.

My update this morning did not update to the new build, just the latest virus base. I had to update to the new build manually. I ocassionally have the problem which states that the email scanner is not running, even though it is. I guess it's time to upgrade to the professional version.

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