AVG and Norton Anti-Virus Problem?



The other day I got the Klez worm and I sucessfully cleaned it. Norton alerted me that I had been infected with the worm. How come AVG didn't?


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What a question ... :p Depens of your updated definitions . AVG ( wich it's free ) have no chance in front of Norton Antivirus ( scann engine & others ) .


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Cosmin said it, sort of. NAV is a much better AntiVirus software. The makers of NAV, Symantec, do a very good job of updating the software, coming out with new virus definitions every three to five days.


Yeah that's what I was thinking. Either they didn't update there virus definitions and I rarely hear ppl tak about how good AVG is.

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I luv AVG. It has never failed me, I've never had a virus. :D The updates come up every week or so. Why are you running two antivirus programs? I can see a conflict happening down the line.


What do you mean a conflict? It's because I am a very cautious person and I have had so many hardware and software problems occur before, I just want to be safe.
I use AVG too, I started after hearing glowing praise of it in another forum. It seems to be a decent virus scanner, It will update itself every 10 days or 2 weeks(I forget which) but you can update manually any time you want


you can also set it to update every day if you want, at least ask it to check for updates.

AVG has caught several Virus' for me before I got them, while I set my AVG to scan my e-mail, and everything that download accelerator downloads.

never had to FIX anything so far.

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I use AVG all the time to clean up peoples machines, it does detect the Klez virus so maybe yours is not up to date. Running two virus killers at the same time is not to be advised. Conflicts can arise beacause a virus killer does some pretty low level stuff.

You can change how often ir update by right clicking on the tray icon and chosing control centre and then update manager.

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Originally posted by AaronMcarthur
What do you mean a conflict? It's because I am a very cautious person and I have had so many hardware and software problems occur before, I just want to be safe.
What Bytes back said. Keep one, keep it updated & get rid of the other one.

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