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I enjoy seeing the creative artwork of the avatars and signatures, that is why I don't have it disabled. I think that it is sad and pathetic that people can not talk about computers, programs, etc without the need of nudity/obscene pictures. It is not enjoyable to read what others have to say and seeing some stupid avatar of a female massaging her breasts repeatedly, to put it nicely, that a moderator has allowed. Again I and others see that the rule on artwork containing nudity/obscenity is still discreet and not as blunt as it should be. This forum has been helpful and an enjoyable place, but not at the cost of feeling like I am visiting a mildly censored porn site. :mad:

Hell why doesn't anyone have an avatar of a guy and girl having sex and just put a little "X" over the naughty parts? Oh that's right because it's obscene and against the rules. :rolleyes:


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that kinda makes you wonder what the rules would be for Hentai... i mean, it's not real life stuff going on, it's just somebody's creative mind going to work...:confused:

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Originally posted by Ziptrx
Not surprising that a moderator has said nothing about this. Next we'll be seeing female members having avatars of males jacking off. :rolleyes:

Where the age verification before login?
Some of us do have a life outside the forum. Seeing as I'm the only one here at the moment it is a bit hard to do anything about it but it will be delt with.


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Originally posted by Ziptrx
Where the age verification before login?
you have to be over 13 to join here, but that's as far as it goes. i haven't seen the avatar on the forums but it would certainly have been removed straight away + the member warned/temp ban.


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It looks like someone kneading pizza dough. :rolleyes:

Seriously that is a touch over the edge... reason: because ya know what they are and what is being done to them. Errrrrr, She's checkin for leaks? :p No no really it's that they can't be covered by those small hands plus it's toooooo obvious.

Anyway... The link has been edited to protect the inocent. :rolleyes: :p


Originally posted by Ziptrx
Not surprising that a moderator has said nothing about this. Next we'll be seeing female members having avatars of males jacking off. :rolleyes:

Where the age verification before login?
sheesh... sorry us mods couldnt get to the problem fast enough for you. We will work on it for next time. Ungrateful little ...


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We do what we can as quickly as we can. Moderator don't have the authority to change sig and avatar. Only Super Moderators and Admins have this ability.


Originally posted by Jewelzz
Only Super Moderators and Admins have this ability.
I did not know that. Thanks for clearing that up. Good to see that at least one moderator has some sense to be informative and clarify who can do exactly what. Other moderators could learn from your tactics, Jewelzz. :)


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Originally posted by gonaads
It looks like someone kneading pizza dough. :rolleyes:
This struck me as being unusually funny this morning....not sure why, perhaps I'm just losing it. My laughter disrupted a meeting in an office next to me. :happy:


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I just don't understand why everyone is so uptight about the stuff, does this really prevent you from reading/learning/helping? if it does, then I think you are the one's with the problem, to be so hung up on something that you have to make a whole thread complaining about someone's avatar. People around here are in a constant race to be the first to point out when someone is breaking a (vague) rule. It's one thing to descretly ask someone to change it, but you guys have to be all public and show off that you are the one that complained first, like it's some damn prize.

ohh, I also like to point out that some people have sig files that are rather, dare a say the word "sexy" without being banned? Nobody every complains about them. Whats the difference between wearing skimpy lace and covering yourself with your hands? not much I would say.


Im with Blinden on this. A lot of other people on THIS forum have sigs and avatars that are very close to what I had and nobody tells them anything.

Now can anyone give me a link to that "sex rule"?



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Forum Rules
Pornographic Images – Any distasteful photographs or images containing explicit imagery. First offense will bring a warning to the member; second offense will result in a temporary ban for that member.
This forum is for users over the age of 13 and the moderators should not be expected to edit out any content that is in violation of these Guidelines

there is a bit some were sating it is up to the descretion of the mods/admins.........you dont like well.......ummmmm tough:eek:


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basically it's upto the Admins ultimatly, this is a family site for people 13+, some have kids (or parents:rolleyes: ) around that they dont want 2 see pictures of a women massaging her tit's:p the subject of nudity in sigs etc has been discused many times before + i will find you some threads 2 read, this thread is basically over becasue the original problem has been fixed:cool:

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