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19 Jul 2003
My new years set got wiped out so I'm going to through the week change to some of my classic sets. Atfer that I'll need an all new set. Could someone please just make me a sig/avatar please?

I don't have any suggestions so just make something that you'll think I'd like.

The sig should have this on it:
Comp 1: Windows XP/Red Hat Linux 9
Comp 2: Windows ME

Also I don't want this to turn into a flame war like the last time I did this (The thread got erased in the recent tragidy that hit NTFS).

When posting the finished product, There is this new feature in vB3 allowing multiple attachments. I recomend you use that feature.
fyi... the format is [Sig or Avatar Request] <What kind of sig or avatar you want>

Here ya go ... did this a while ago. Its yours if you want it.

all gone now
a quick something, like it or don't :)


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PseudoKiller, That's great but I think you got the idea from my november set. I may consider that one but lets see what other people can do before I make a final choice.

And both of you, I said I needed a sig and avatar, Those are just avatars. Remember that the perfect set consists of a sig and avatar.
ahhh yeah... your thread topic was that you needed an Avatar. I will leave it up to Khayman to make.
Talk about ungrateful. pfft.
vs.. m8... you have to be a little nicer to the lads... they ARE trying to help you... :)

more patience.. less wit... all happy and more productive...
Do you want to know why my topic title is like this?

I was trying to keep the title short and under the title legenth limit. Adding [Sig and Avatar Request] would make it way over the title limit probaly. So I just made it short and just said Avatar request.

Now you get me?
What topic limit ?? You assume alot. Dont worry I wont be helping anymore, I learned my lesson.
Lesson: Always figure in 95% of cases that it's going to be for both a sig and avatar
no... maybe posters should be more specific when they post. No one here reads minds and shouldnt have to try. :p
Have you ever been into a fast food restaurant asked for a burger, got your burger and then asked where the rest of your meal was? :s
Electronic Punk said:
Have you ever been into a fast food restaurant asked for a burger, got your burger and then asked where the rest of your meal was? :s
no because I ask what comes with it and if I dont get what I want I ask for it. I never assume anything. :D

Now I am hungry...
why is it that everytime vipersnake posts a thread it ends up in something completely different :p

you want fries with that? :p
Just sitting here waiting for Gonaads' response! :D

Sorry Gonaads - didn't mean to rub salt in your wounds from the last time something was said at SP! :rolleyes:
I wonder what he'll do next (I'm as a part of my series of classic avatars, using the one Gonadds made)
Use these, they suit you.


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