Avatar Request- Corvette C6


19 Jul 2003
I'd like a new avatar with the style of the new Corvette C6. Yes the sig is done but I don't have an Avatar.

Please make something somebody....
to give an idea what the vehicle looks like... a prototype


and the car itself... lotsa pics on this page...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!! What did they do to my car ?? They made it ugly :( :(

Oh well there is always a mercedes slk320 :)
Corvette said:
No off topic stuff or I'll ask a mod to prune it outta here!
you dont moderate here... if you have a problem with a post or thread its your responsibility to report the post there is even a button at the top right of every post for this. Please do not go around telling people what to do.

EDIT... my bad, there is no report button. You can PM me and I will take care of it. Please dont threaten other members
PseudoKiller said:
EDIT... my bad, there is no report button.

PK, the report button still exists, although it's not as conspicuous.
Corvette said:
No off topic stuff or I'll ask a mod to prune it outta here!

:) - Looks like the ' Mods ' have taken over your thread Corvette... I like the new version, even if it is prototype.. :)
hey :)

I posted helpful pics and links :)

I am not very good with photoshop so am hoping someone will use a pic as a template for an avatar...
I made 2 avatars. Choose the one you like :)
I'll use the first one this month (March) and the second one next month(April)

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