Avant Browser Can't Access Windows Update?

ya, something they did with ie the skin that my guess deleted or made unsee able a dll the update looks for

just a guess
By any chance, Are you suing Avant's Built-in Proxy setup?

Avant used to give me those errors when I was using the proxy setup.

Microsoft is probably picky with how you update Windows, you need to use standalone IE. Try just using standalone IE and see what happens.
turn off all your pop up stoppers, make sure trhe service is enabled, try turning off the firewall.

stuff like that
Almost positive that you have to use IE to get to Windows Update. If it is still failing using IE then something else is wrong. Sorry not much help here.
failing with me too and I use Avant as well
try enabling automatic uodates and see if the computer will do it autromatucally

browse with ie or leave ie running with the service enabled
Works just fine using the latest version of avant for me.


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yeah I get that far but when it goes to download it slows up and doeesn't download anything
You need Cryptographic Services set to Automatic to use Windows Update. Also make sure you clock is set to the correct date and time.
See if this does anything>

Windows Update - Error

If you cannot update XP check your c:\windows\windows update.log. If you have this error: Error 0x800C0008 then go to Tools\internet options\languages. You must have one language selected. Boom windows update works again!

Or for LAN settings

Go to control panel, open up Internet Options\Connections. Click on the Lan Settings button at the bottom right of the window. Untick Automatically detect settings.
got it to work but I had to make it set to automatically download...I'll work on it tomorrow and see what's up

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