autorun CD in XP?


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Khayman said:
right click on the drive in explorer, select properties, go to the autoplay tab
"Select a content type, then choose an action for windows to perform automatically when that type is used for this devise" currently mine says Music files but it also has options for pictures, video files, mixed content, music CD, and DVD movie. What should it be on so when you place media in the drive it will autoplay, autorun in any format. I'm having this same problem on my daughters PC and I tried the edit in the registry setting "My computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Cdrom\Auto" and changed the value data to 1" and this didn't work. This one does look promising. Any possibility this could happen "if" the primary and secondary IDE cables get switched around after installing hardware on CD/DVD drives and hard drive. Wouldn't they then be switched around in the BIOS settings.

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If you have not done so try changing each entry in drop down box of autoplay tab to default (click restore defaults).
Each one has it's own entry and the one you need may be set to "take no action".

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There was some registry entry where you had to change some value, but I imagine the above suggestions will cover that!

(I think the Tweak-XP application broke mine, evil!)


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Maybe something like this ?

I'll give a a go Khayman and see what happens. :)

Thanks for all your feedback guys. I'll try a couple of these suggestions and report back.

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