AutoPatcher XP

Does this auto patcher only work on the english Windows XP, or does it have support for other languages as well, such as Swedish?
darkthunder said:
Does this auto patcher only work on the english Windows XP, or does it have support for other languages as well, such as Swedish?

Well you type English quite well, better than most English speaking people, so I can't imagine why you would need a Swedish translation.

Well to answer your question, you will have to visit their website and see.
currently there is only an english version, but it is very well documented on how to convert the english release to a different language.

it essentiall consists of editing an XML file for the UI with your own translation, and replacing the english hotfixes with hotfixes for your own languages.

there are a few teams that are supposed to be working on packages for different languages, but not much is going on :-\
I installed the full February release of AutoPatcherXP and apparently it has changed a setting in Internet Explorer that I can't seem to find to change back. It has something to do with cookies I am thinking because...for instance with Yahoo Mail...I know the cookies it issues expires after a given period of time and you have to log back in...well I log back in and it keeps making me do it over and over and over...finally log all the way out of Yahoo Mail and have to log in all the way over again before it lets me into my mail. Would of you good people happen to know what setting that is so I can fix it and stop the madness?
Use yahoo messenger for your yahoo id, then just open that it will take you straight to mail. No worries about saving cookies or cleaning them out.

Or you could buy your yahoo id e-mail account and just run it through outlook or mailwasher.
I do use Yahoo messenger for my yahoo still wants me to log all the way out and back in happens here on as well...its gotta be a setting somewhere...
Well does that to me here also. See if it does it in another browser.
OK...I tried it with FireFox and with Opera also. I got the same problem with FireFox but with Opera it didn't do it.

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