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Autopatcher Noobie Help

Well I am trying to figure out a few things about this program since I have not used it before.

I need to get the newest updates from microsoft. So I clicked on the autopatcher icon and went through the process. After all that was said and done it came up with a list of updates and me to select what ones I want. Is that just going to update the patcher when I run it on computers or just going to update local computer when I click update?

I could not find any useful info on the net.

We are also using a custom ini with - or + whats that all about? To install or not to install?


Autopatcher updates windows. You check the stuff you want (blue listed stuff is already installed on the pc) and click update. Wait while it updates windows and then reboot.
Ok, I have a batch file that I setup to run on other machines after I rebuild them. I want to make sure they also have the latest updates as well. So just trying to figure out how it pulls the updates.
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