Autopatcher is no more

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seems M$ has decided to shutdown autopatcher, for some unknown reason, they and neowin have recieved takedown notices, and if its on here too im sure will also recieve one - shame it was useful for when i would go round to a friends house who didnt have the fastest connection in the world and was quicker for autopatcher to do what it did than for me to download loads of updates for xp :(
I believe this happened because the latest build included the capability to slipstream. I've noticed it's been two months for RyansVM slipstreamable update pack also. Possibly he's been stopped too.


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Perhaps WGA has a hand in this? It seems to be MS's new love child and by using Autopatcher your not forced to use it. Anyhoo just my 2cents. :rolleyes:


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Yea, great idea, right on the heels of their WGA servers going down and the only way to get updates was to use autopatcher.


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What a shame, all the time and effort spent making a great piece of software and along comes micro$oft to spoil a good thing that helps so many geeks. Well done, well done gates.

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No. This is the worst news I have heard in a long time... GD! *EXPLITIVE DELETED* Microsoft.

I loved Autopatcher. *sigh*. *EXPLITIVE DELETED*
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I slipstreamed SP2 into a CD, but in order to do all the updates and stuff IIRC was a pain in the ass. vLight may have made it easier by now though, what do you got?


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It seems that MS has nothing better to do than take down sites that actually HELP them , in this case it was one of the worst , MS thought oh boy that software bypasses the validation we've gota take em down . YOU IDIOTS YOUR WGA WAS CRACKED in 24 HOURS . GET YOUR S%I% Right -.-

Done venting :) feel much better.

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