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Autopatcher ceases x64 support (all OS distributions)


Attn: AutoPatcher Community.

AutoPatcher no longer will offer support or discussion about any 64-bit (x64) OS at any service pack level. We attempted to locate a release maintainer but could not get a commitment - no problem, so we must focus on the projects at hand - 32-bit (x86) OSes etc. We at AutoPatcher hope you understand that without both the hardware and software to test 64-bit releases it is impossible to develop a stable product.

If you wish that this project stay online, please give us your feedback about any release that you have some use for. If you think that you can hold some scripts, great. Join the forum and talk with us.

Just an remind: after the milk hit the floor, doesn't help a bit cry about it. But before the milk hit the floor, you may do a lot of things to save it from your cat.

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