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Automatically re-connect mapped drives?

Hey guys. I have a PC with a 802.11 PCI card. Long story short, when Windows boots, it attempts to mount my mapped drives before my PCI card connects to my network. How can I prevent this? If I can't "re-order" the startup items, how can I automatically repair the connection to the mapped drives once network communications are established?



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Only if you have the shares password protected some how. Otherwise the batch script will create the mappings using your logon credentials.


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I'm sure it is possible to use gpedit.msc to make windows wait until the network has been initialised before logging in.....

gpedit.msc ---> Administrative templates --> System --> Logon
then change the "Always wait for the network at computer startup" to Enabled.
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When I login with no network connection (either wifi or I haven't enabled my nic yet) the drives simply show as disconnected. When I try to access them and the network is available they connect. I still get the little balloon about not being able to reconnect network drives but I ignore it.

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