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Automatic Gallery Script

I'm sure I've seen something like this before.

I'm looking for a script that will either allow me to upload pictures from it and create a tidy gallery with thumbnails etc, or either convert folders with pictures already in them into gallery form, like if I upload the pictures via FTP, the script will pick up on the new pictures and add them.

It will also need to, if possible, work for more then one directory.

Its http://uploads.enigmawebdesign.co.uk/images that I'm trying to clean up - and make the folders galleries as aposed to looking like the default listing.

I'm Mr. Vauge - so post and ask what the hell I'm talking about if you (quite possibly), have no idea what I'm talking about. Thanks.
could always write your own ;)
thats what I did, I didnt like the premade ones, need to add some more features here and there though :p
I've got pickle running, but its asking for me to install ImageMagick to work the thumbnails.

Anyone got this installed that could give me a hand?

I'm also about to play with Coppermine, although Pickle is exactly what I'm looking for.
never used it before, but I do have it installed with my version of PHP but as its in the FreeBSD ports tree its not that hard to setup, for anything else I have no idea
If anyone can help me set it up that would be great - my contact deets are in my profile :)

The documentation that comes with it is very vauge.

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