automatic dial-in during start-up

How can I let Windows XP (Home Edition) automatically dial-in to my Cable Internet provider. I now have to start IE to dial-up automatically, or doubleclick the connection icon. I want this to start when the computer starts in the future (for example, a program filename in the 'startup' folder) Does Windows XP has a built in app for this?

Thanks in advance
You'd have to set the dialup as a scheduled task, or you can write a logon script to do it..

just curious though, why do you have to dial in to your cable isp?! I thought Telco return cable didn't exist anymore!


Try this, make sure you have entered the right username and password and select the save password option, right click on your dial up connection goto properties, select the option tab and remove the check mark from Propmt for username and password, certificates, etc. and click OK right click on the connection again and select create shortcut, you will be notified that windows could not create a shortcut here, do you want to create a shortcut on the desktop, click yes, move this shortcut to your All users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup folder, this should do what you want.
I know this, but then I still have to press the 'Connect' button. I mean the same dial-up networking dialogscreen that pops up when opening Internet Explorer. You can place a checkmark there to dial-in automatically.
I know it seems strange, to dial in to a cable account, but I need a username and password to login. I don't know what the situation elsewhere is, but in The Netherlands (using Wanadoo Cable) it is needed. It is not exactly a permanent connection. Sorry for the confusion.
The solution I am looking for, is the command Windows uses to call the dialog screen which I mentioned earlier. Is it a programfile, or a Rundll(32) command? If I have the command, I can place it in the Startup folder.

Thanks anyway for the input, but does anyone knows the answer? Please?
You can't just call the dll I believe. You'll have to write it as a login script if it won't let you do it as a scheduled task, the login script wouldn't be too hard

it should look like this

@echo off
title Dialing Connections

echo Connecting to Wannadoo
rasdial (your username) (your password)
if not errorlevel1 goto end

That script will use rasdial to connect to the isp (wannadoo) and just remove the parentheses and type in your username and password

you can name this file dial.bat Then set it to run as a login script if you need any more help writing this just let me know

oh, make sure your the only user of your comp, because anyone who looks in the dial.bat will see your pw, but it WILL NOT show up on the rasdial command window.

hope that helps
So simple!

Thank you very, very much. This is it, and so simple. I shall tell this to all my friends. This has made my computer-life some easier.

Again, thank you!