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Automated system install


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If I were to build a system with out the harddrive and send it to my parents with all the drivers-software for everythign included on CD. Could I say make a autorun file that would copy a list of everything to to install on it, that places it in the registry runonce? Has anyone ever tried this?

I know how to use the reunonce, but will it work off a Cd-ROM or should I make it copy everthing to the HDD first.

The reason I ask is I am going to build them a new system, but they have a brand new 120Gb HDD in a old POS Gateway that I want them to use.


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Make a bootable Windows disc.

Create a directory on the disc called $OEM$

Inside that directory create two directories:
$1 (directories/files in this folder will automatically be copied to C: during Windows installation)
$$ (directories/files in this folder will automatically be copied to the system32 directory during Windows installation)

Put a "drivers" directory inside the $1 directory. I usually break this down by type (i.e. Video, Audio, Network, etc.). Then you will see "C:\drivers" after the Windows installation.

I also put "install" directory inside the $1 directory. Then I create these two files.


cmdlines.txt (Windows setup looks for this file during setup) calls the RunOnceEx.cmd file which is run during Windows setup. RunOnceEx.cmd adds information to the registry to run such and such once. Such as installing software (i.e. PowerToys, Tweak UI, etc.) and registry tweaks.

I can offer you more information if this is the direction you want to go.


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I was meaning more of installing things like Adobe, Nero, Fireox, Spybot, etc...

For example, a autorun that would create a "C:\Install" Or whatever folder then make entries into the runonce section of the registry to run the installers on the next boot, then restart the system if so needed.

Mebey then a batch file to get rid of the extra crap that things install for startup. Like realsched.exe, qttask.exe, adobes newest quickstart crap, all the Ipud crap, etc...

I guess I need to be more clear.
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Been here yet? That's where I learned a lot of what I know. Also, you can use the stuff you learned up there to make nice little EXE batch files in WinRar that save you a lot of telephone tech support ;)

There's even sections on how to remove things from the registry like qttask that you speak of...the command is something like


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You can create a batch file and call it using AUTORUN.INF

However, you'll have to come up with some code to get the CD drive letter. Or you could be lazy and copy the dirctory to the C drive first, then start the process.

@echo off
title Finalizing Setup
echo Preparing Installation...
@echo off

@echo off
echo Copying Installation Files...
@echo off
xcopy *.* "C:\install" /E /I /Q /Y

@echo off
echo Installing...
@echo off

@echo off
echo Performing Cleanup...
@echo off
rd /S /Q "C:\install"

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