auto-specific IP for specific router?


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3 Dec 2002
i am wondering if i can set up my computer to have a static IP at home and a random IP other places.

I'd like my laptop to fit within the structure of my current ip-scheme.

also, is there anyway to also modify the workgroup to be dependent on connection also? -- it'd be nice to be on my workgroup at home, and my buddies when i'm at his house.

Not sure that you can do multiple workgroups, rather sure you can't actually.

In regards to IP configuration, if you go to the TCP/IP Properties of your network card there is a tab that says Alternate Configuration, you could enter alternate IP information there.
The alternate config tab is basically to have Windows use those credentials instead of the automatic private address (169.x.x.x) when it doesn't get a DHCP response. If a DHCP server replys then it ignores the alternate config tab.
You can also use it to set static information in both areas, one being valid in each location ;)
You can also use it to set static information in both areas, one being valid in each location ;)

Actually, If you set a static IP in the main screen, the alternate information tab disappears. It has to be dhcp for one location, and static for the alternate.
Dangit I thought I had done that before.

I still have access to the machine I did that too, will have to go check it out and see what I did.

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