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auto-specific IP for specific router?

i am wondering if i can set up my computer to have a static IP at home and a random IP other places.

I'd like my laptop to fit within the structure of my current ip-scheme.

also, is there anyway to also modify the workgroup to be dependent on connection also? -- it'd be nice to be on my workgroup at home, and my buddies when i'm at his house.



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Not sure that you can do multiple workgroups, rather sure you can't actually.

In regards to IP configuration, if you go to the TCP/IP Properties of your network card there is a tab that says Alternate Configuration, you could enter alternate IP information there.

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The alternate config tab is basically to have Windows use those credentials instead of the automatic private address (169.x.x.x) when it doesn't get a DHCP response. If a DHCP server replys then it ignores the alternate config tab.


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You can also use it to set static information in both areas, one being valid in each location ;)
Actually, If you set a static IP in the main screen, the alternate information tab disappears. It has to be dhcp for one location, and static for the alternate.


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Dangit I thought I had done that before.

I still have access to the machine I did that too, will have to go check it out and see what I did.

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