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Auto Setup for VPN


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I was wondering if there was anyway to get XP automatically setup for a VPN connection to our network.
E.g. is there a config/install file which will setup all the details of the connection.
The problem we have is most people are not experts and errors will occur. It would be nice to say just double click blah blah and then go Network Connections and there is your VPN connection.



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The only way is if your using a VPN client eg. Cisco etc. It's possible to make a disc that installs the client and settings automatically. The only other easy way in XP is to use the 'New Connection Wizard' in Programs > Accessories > Communications. Select 'Connect to the network at my workplace' , then 'VPN Connection', after that you need the settings required to VPN into the network.

I'm sure there are other ways to setup VPN but I can't think of any atm. The above methods should work fine as long as VPN has been setup correctly on the network ;)

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