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17 Aug 2002
:mad: second time in a week that i've lost quite a bit of design work due to crashes. does anyone know of any ways i can save things automatically every 10 minutes or so? im using illustrator if that makes any difference.

can't rely on my memory to keep saving stuff anymore... proof that the drugs dont work!
sorry maybe this should be in applications forum?
there is no autosave feature n PS or Illustrator... use the keyboard command alt-s or ctrl-s ... set and egg timer on you desktop to ring every 10 mins or so to remind you. :D
Damn I was gonna suggest the eggtimer. :-(

And if you're going to do extensive works you better learn to save. 'I'm late with the project because I was too dumb to save periodically and my machine crashed" is a quick trip to the unemployment office and IT jobs are getting scarce.

PS Your machine should not crash if you are using Win 2000/XP. Maybe a post about the crashes in the hardware forum would be helpful?

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