auto logon to squid proxy in IE

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dlenz, Dec 30, 2002.

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    hello :O)

    i just have following prob:
    a client-PC (WinXP pro) is connected via "Squid proxy-caching web server" on a linux server. this client
    loads websites in InternetExplorer via the proxy server.
    because the proxy-server uses blacklists and even different user profiles with certain blacklistst for
    surfing, the certain client-user has to login to the proxy with his own username and password when loading
    the first uncached and external site in IE. so i made IE to run in Autostart and should load the defined
    uncached startpage. so user logs onto WinXP and IE starts, begins to load the startpage and now the proxy-
    servers wants the user to authentify with his username and password (looks like .htaccess-login). my question:
    how can i as an administrator of the client, tell IE to authentify with the proxy-server automatically?

    best regards and thank you for helping me out of this ;O)
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    aye, that would be useful to know how that is done... the same thing is used in work... have to login on the first uncached + external website. you can save the username+password, but you still gotta click OK everytime :/
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    that's the point....

    exactly that is the main problem ... i f*****g need that solution quickly, blazingly fast! ...

    i want to setup an xp client that is comfortable to use for surfers and have to click all the time for each website isn't that much comfotable :(
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    perhaps there is a possibility to manage it with logon-script?