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auto hibernate??


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well, first of hi!! its been a looooong time since i posted here and i couldn't be bothered digging up my old username and password so i created a new one...

ok.. i know i can auto shutdown using shutdown.exe or tsshutdn. now, when my laptop is running on battery power, it goes into hibernate after 30 mins..fine. but when it's plugged-in i don't want it to hibernate automatically after 30 mins because i might be downloading etc etc.. BUT *sometimes* i want it to hibernate after say 30 mins, a hour, whatever. shutting down would be simple, but i prefer to put it into hibernate, it loads quicker and all my open applications are saved! so... any ideas?

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
Only way I can think of is to use power profiles and the power options system tray icon. Setup two profiles and enable the tray icon (under the Advanced tab in Power Options) now when you want to change the behaviour, LEFT SINGLE click on the plug icon and you will get a menu with the power profiles listed, simply select the one you want.

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