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Hi. I know I read somewhere that it is possible to set up a V3C so that it will dial into voicemail, send the " * " to get to where you put in the password and then send the password, all without any help. My question is can someone please help me do that with my mom's Moto 262? Thanks alot! She'll really appreciate it. :laugh:


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So if you have enhanced voicemail, there is a built-in feature to skip your password or If your mom has basic voicemail, you can store your password into your voicemail access number, ie: +14162742817pp1234 so when u press and hold the 1 key, it dials the voicemail, pauses for 2 times, then enters your password. 1234 is the password example, pp is pause pause, sometimes one p works. Just do trial and error...


F@H team 1714
Brad, thanks for the invite but I've been folding 24/7/365 for ABXZone for a LONG time. If I ever decide to jump ship, I'll join up here though!:)

technokid88, no, I didn't try the V3C method. I didn't think it would work so I didn't look very hard for it. I don't mind hitting the buttons but my mom doesn't get very many voicemails so she never seems to be able to remember how to check it. We both have just basic voicemail so I'll try what you said. Just for fun I may even try it on my V3C too.

Thanks! :)

edit: Just put it in my phone and it works. The only thing I had to do was add the * so that it would accept the last digits as the password. I'll give it a try on hers tomorrow!


F@H team 1714
technokid88 said:
No prob SLM, happy to help out...
That worked out great on her phone too! I set it so the speed dial is 5 and now all she has to remember is to just hold that down and it goes right in to her messages. Thanks again for the help! :)

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