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Auto connect

I have a few programs that ask to be connected when the pc is booted. I get the usual connect screen and if i cancel that it pop up then opens asking to connect again. This is annoying but i cant seem to disable auto connect.Screen shot attached.


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click "don't ask me again" and choose connect or cancel. if you choose connect it will automatically choose that connection every time. if you choose cancel it won't connect nor show that message again (or shouldn't).


I may actually be insane.
It'll stay away until the next time you login, i have the same problem, i'll try and see if theres a fix to get it to stay away for good :) ....


I may actually be insane.
ok, i think this may help...

Open Control Panel
Double Click Network Connections
then along the top there is an 'Advanced' Menu
Click this and select 'Dial-Up Preferences'
there are 2 tick boxes at the bottom of the dialog you are shown un-tick 'Ask me Before auto-dialing'

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