Authentitative Time Server?


20 Feb 2004
Ok guys heres a new one for ya,
At work, we are running a network with an NT4.0 box (I know...), a 2000 exchange server, a 2000 DHCP server etc...
What I want to do is set up a time server so that all machines on the network will be synchronized with this server. I would like to make it the exchange server if possible (since it is running on 2000 and it has the resources to spare). If anyone knows how to set this up please let me know. I know theres some kind on "net time" command that we can use but all my attempts have been unsuxccessful. Thanks for the help.
thanks for the response Geffy, I saw that and tried that command but it did not work.
hrmm thats a bit weird, I also found a few other things, but they seemed to be peripherals that you would plug into the machine and that would somehow get you the right time.
yea see I could put in 3rd party software, but the thing is I dont want to deal with that overhead...I know theres something to that page you linked me to, I guess I have to investigate it further. Still tho, if you see anything else, let me know. Thanks

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