Ausu P4PE OC to 800?

Asus P4PE OC to 800?

I'm looking to make a small upgrade, and honeslty, the last thing I want to do is buy a new Mobo at this time, I really want to hold off until I see where the 64 bit world is going (and PCX).

I checked the specs on my board at the asus site, and its telling me that my board, with a bios update, will OC to support the new p4 800fsb chips ( with proper memory). I'm presently running a p4 2.53 @ 533. Also, its saying tha I can only run one memory Dimm? Link: Does that mean if I am ocing from 800? Or does that mean if I am ocing to 800?

I'm wondering if anyone got this to work properly. I'd like to toss a 3.4 @ 800 in there.

If worse come to worse, how much performance would I lose if I just ran it at 533? Is that even worth it?

Any feedback?


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pci-E is pci-express... for desktops...

pci-x is for servers and workstations... there are fundamental differences wrt bandwidth and data transfer mechanisms...

wrt your system... if you are going to install a 3.4ghz EE or northy in your system... you might as well fish the money to get a proper mobo to support it...

oc'ing may not solve your problems and you will notice the performance loss as well likely...

its 133mhz to 200mhz fsb basically... I'm not even sure the p4 you want will operate properly on a 133fsb...