Austin Powers: Goldmember




just watched(30 mins) this terrible made no sense what so ever....really glad no money was exchanged :)

if you paid hard earned dollars to watch this......maybe a fraud charge is in order:)

Tabula Rasa

Stranger Than Kindness
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Its okay, its kinda recycling the old Ostin Powers jokes, and Beyonce Knowles acts worst than me. but overall funny stuff.

+Dr evil finally gets his "sharks with fricken' laser beams"...


Beware the G-Man
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Soooo Evil Marge, Ya gonna dress up in spice and everything nice??? ;) ;)

Actually Leather n' Pumps will do just NICE.:rolleyes: :happy:


F@H - Is it in you?
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Originally posted by Evil Marge
Yep I am :p
don't sucumb to peer pressure... you dont have to wear anything cept a few strategically placed x-mas lights and/or cookies :)

doughnuts for the nibblets perhaps ?

but whatever you do... SHUN CLOTHES... :cool:

p.s. send me some piccies wot :)

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