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Aurora pop-up window


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Ok........ this damn thing is getting annoying. it's a stupid pop-up window that will display content related to whatever webpage i may be viewing (technology, shopping, sometimes pr0n). I've already tried using both Adaware and Spybot S&D to remove it, even Microsoft's Malicious software removal tool, but to no avail. i've searched google for it, and the only methods i've found so far are extremely long and drawn out. I'm basically thinking of formatting if i can't find any other way to get rid of it soon. Anybody here know how to get this crap offa my computer?

edit: forgot to say, the popup shows only Aurora in the title bar, with the icon. if anyone doesn't know what it looks like exactly, here's a screenshot of the one window. and if it can't find something related to the site you're viewing to show, or something utterly stupid as is in the one posted, it will show up with absolutely nothing in the window.



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Download trojan remover 6.4.0 at the following link and install it.
trojan remover link

im sure you must the nail trojan along with it.....this should take care of it..post a hijack this log.

edit: did some research on this pesky popup..its seems unless you did deep into your registery and spend countless hours trying to remove this thing... you must use this to remove Aurora from your rig....


the following link to mypctuneup from all of the forums i visited. were directed that pctuneup removed this trojan/pop-up.

link to reference about aurora removal
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