August 2008 Desktop Screenshots

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So I sat here just surfing the net with my 1 year old boy on my lap and came across these Stickers icons, and the little one just started to laugh and laugh.
So I decided to make a desktop with these "funny" icons, and he couldnt stop looking at my desk hehe.
It was pretty if you have a young one, let him take a look at my desk lol.

andy, that is the best visual you have had to date. Could you give me links for the cdart display, dock skin and wall please?
Thanx. I applied those icons. they look really cool ....
Well, if someone was to create an OSNN group on Steam, then it would be there! lol
which you will then bitch about, saying it wasnt as good as your windows ME :D
I am thinking that naads thinks that ME was the best os also lol .... Vista is da bomb ! Although, I am anxious for Windows7 also .
everything lives and everything dies, once its time is up its up :)
I am thinking that naads thinks that ME was the best os also lol .... Vista is da bomb ! Although, I am anxious for Windows7 also .

Funny you say that. I actually had Me loaded on a machine of mine and it actually ran perfectly. I'm saying that this machine not once locked up, BSOD or anything. It ran this way with Me installed for almost a year. I then went to XP, but it ran great. Now this is the probably the same with Vista with some people. It will run perfectly. Yet with others it's crap (like Me was for some) and it could be hardware issues or just the way the Planets are aligned on the day it's installed, who knows. Anyway, the main reason I will not upgrade to Vista atm is because I don't, and can't upgrade all my hardware. I might as well just build a new box, but money's funny right now sooo.
I know what you mean, naads, and agree with you. Hardware issues are the biggest reasons for most of the issues with vista. And the cost of some of it; you might as well get a new system.
My home DT for the end of August.

click to enlarge
That looks cool, naads. Matt, it is xp lol ...
Just to catch the very end of August, as I've not had a chance to do anything with Vista yet. But here's the new Vista 64 system's background


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i have had issues with vista pre and post sp1 - but its the same with xp - updated drivers and patches from ms have helped :)
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