August 2008 Desktop Screenshots

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My desktop for August...
Went to see the new Batman, and I was blown away by the performance of Heath Ledger.
I thought all the talk about his performance was because he died a tragic death..but let me tell you, he did GREAT!
This is my tribute to the late Heath Ledger, may you rest in peace!

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XP for me and Suse 11.0 w/ KDE4


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My Laptop DT for the month.

touch it, you know you wanna
Yeah but the colors look sooooo niiiiiice. :D
Back on Vista for good. Not going back to XP no matter how nice a VS looks!
Usual stuff here, default aero, wall from deviantart, and cd art display.

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where to start my friend.....?
a lot of small goodies like when renaming a file, it automatic marks just the filename, not the extension like .avi, .zip etc. (i have turned on show extensions for known filenames)
Many more little things like that that i have become used to. Also the look by default is awesome. dont need much modding etc to make it drool from my mouth lol.
The startmenu search feature is something i cant live without.
Yeah I know there are apps that do similar function in xp, but I like my system as clean as possible with minimal apps running in the background.
and as a matter of fact, my system actually works better and are more responsive than xp ever was.
Windows mail has by default a spam filter, so again, no need for extra apps to do that.
The native defragger is more than good enough in vista, so there again, no need for other derfraggers.
last but not least, i have 4gig ram and xp only see 3 of them. i have tried xp 64 bit but there are so many apps that is not compatible with wlm. 64 bit is THE way to go!

BTW, did ya like my desk? lol

One more thing..eventhough I dont play much games on windows(i have a 360 that i use with joy) the newer games plays much better in vista contra xp.
yes your desktop was good

/me reckons gonaads should have been in the Mojave experiment :D

*runs* :p
Woot! Vista all the way ! :)

I agree that it is better than XP.

Oh, here is my desktop for August.

Os: Vista Ultimate
Wall: Falls
cdART display - NV2 (modded by me)
Normal: Winamp, Objectdock, etc...

Click image to see full size ....
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