August 2008 Desktop Screenshots

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August 2008 Desktop Screenshots

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Laptop (XP - just for you gonaads :p)

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I'll have to set an auto-post thing to snapshot my desktop, upload it to my server in full and thumbail form and post a message here for the rotating wallpapers I got going with display fusion :)
I have a couple shots that I can give, mainly the same yet differnet wallpapers and slight different dock icons lol, hmm which one to post lol
the macbook, a little too white but i havnt found anything i really like yet for a wallpaper. :)


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My August DT on my home PC.

Touch Me
Clearly the most exciting desktops ever.

Bug with Eclectic RDP, random WindowsXP desktop and Pulsar RDP


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decided to update the theme to a better Vista theme and a wallpaper i made :)

'Nads, can you share that wallpaper?
As large as possible, please. Thanks.
This wallpaper is a picture I took in mid-July.

Boring to some, I'm sure, but I like it and it looks more amazing when it's fullsize.


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This wallpaper is picture I took in mid-July.

Boring to some, I'm sure, but I like it and it looks more amazing when it's fullsize.

That is a beautiful picture. Could you post the original pic?
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