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AudioGrail is the 6th major version of the 'K-MP3' project.
AudioGrail is a complete toolbox for common tags (metadata such as artist name, album...) and files name operations. It is a easy to use swiss army knife, with a brand new GUI.
The main tool is automatic audio files identification (thanks to the FreeDB database), but many other tools are available.

2 versions :
AudioGrail Free : Unlimited access to all tools. The only limitation is a maximum of 30 files that can be loaded simultaneously. This will not affect album-per-album use of the product.
AudioGrail Expert : For the one who what to go beyond... No limitation, prioritary tech support. 19.99 Euros.

Tutorials are avaialble, as well as 24/7 technical support for everyone (email, forum...).

Official Web site :
Tutorials :
Download Link :


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AudioGrail - 6.13.3

- 0000477: [Bug] Identification : Tag Mask not correctly applied
- 0000651: [Bug] Identification : unchecked tags format not removed if existing
- 0000863: [Refactoring] HTTP transfert errors shall be logged
- 0000652: [Refactoring] Tag removed : Check = Remove or Keep ?
- 0000861: [Bug] Track list not properly sorted after "remove tag"


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AudioGrail - 6.14

- 0000906: [Bug] Can duplicate meta tags fields if not using the same case
- 0000905: [Refactoring] Meta tags optimization : no longer create empty fields
- 0000903: [New Feature] Tag Editor : Add Tag (per type)
- 0000904: [Refactoring] Tag Editor : Tag management refactoring (no func effect)
- 0000902: [Refactoring] Help & About to be accessible thru main menu


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AudioGrail - 6.15

- 0000892: [New Feature] Shall detect multiple instance of the same APEv2 tag field
- 0000914: [Bug] Uninstall icon is incorrect, displays as recycling bin.
- 0000907: [New Feature] Tag Cleaner shall have a "Remove duplicated fields" option
- 0000964: [New Feature] Open log file accessible in menus
- 0000963: [Refactoring] Cleaner tool shall write in log file (at least for fix genre and fix duplicate)


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AudioGrail - 6.16

- 0001004: [Bug] Temporary playlist created by "Search->Play" not Vista ready
- 0001003: [Refactoring] Organizer : settings shall be disabled while working
- 0000890: [Bug] Tag cleaner : settings shall be disabled while working
- 0000891: [Bug] Tag Remover : settings shall be disabled while working
- 0001002: [Bug] If APEv2 contains only RG data and ID3 only contains metadata, nothing's displayed


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AudioGrail - 7.3 (Released 2014-08-17)

KC Softwares

- 0002357: [Refactoring] Sumo update self check is in AudioGrail log file? (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- 0001807: [Bug] Error reported (log+pop-up) when identification query canceled by user (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- 0002356: [Bug] Purchase button and get it free button still visable (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- 0002224: [New Feature] Log shall indicate if administrator rights are granted (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- 0002248: [New Feature] Windows 8.1 support in log file (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.
- 0002128: [New Feature] Estonian language support (Kyle_Katarn) - resolved.

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