Audio Problem Plz Help!!!


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My girlfriend has a Dell Dimension 3000 desktop and whenever she plays audio directly from the HD it's all choppy/lagged out. However, when she plays audio from a cd in the dvd burner, audio is fine as long as she don't do much.

Is this a cpu problem where it's not able to handle the load as it's only a Celeron 3ghz I believe she has?

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If she uses windows media player and has the visualizations on there might be a drain on the laptop, ie the graphics are draining on the over all performance , what does she use to play music?

Maybe try something like winamp or try shutting down the stupid graphics windows media player uses if thats the case.


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My question is what kind of music files are they and what is the bit rate. Also, did you try other types of media players ??


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She's tried both WMP and WinAMP without visualizations turned on. She hasn't tried any other players.

The music files are mp3 and the bitrate of the songs vary from 128 - 256.

Correction on the cpu speed as it's a 2.6ghz Celeron.

She has 512mb ram.


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Hipster Doofus said:
3ghz should fly along. Have you tried updating the driver? Check the manufacturers website.
She has installed the current audio driver on Dell's website for the Dimension 3000.