audio from an mpeg



Seperatist, there are probably dozens of ways of doing this.

I would either use TMPGEnc's MPEG tools to de-mux the audio and the video streams, or use VirtualDub to output just the Direct Stream of the audio.

Depending on how the audio is encoded in the mpeg file, and how you extract it, you might end up with a pcm (.wav) or an MPEG audio file like an .mp2.

So then you'll need to use an mp3 encoder (I really like bladeEnc, but there are quite a few others) if you want to end up with an mp3.

Try searching for these bits of software (all freeware - except maybe for bladeEnc, which I'm not sure if we're supposed to use anymore) on google.

Also, for digital video stuff look on and/or

' hope that helps,



LAME vs Blade

No problem seperatist.

Dreamliner77 - you may be right about LAME - I do use LAME to encode to mp2 (for VCD etc..), but I feel loyal to Blade for mp3!

It was the only encoder I could find on the web when I first started looking for one 5 or 6 years ago.. As far as I know the quality on Blade is very good at higher bitrates (ie > 128k).

I'll have a read of the link you posted though - I'm sure Blade's getting a bit out of date now.




The Analog Kid
Mar 16, 2002
Be assured that Blade is a very very very outdated codec. Even at high bitrates it is nowhere near as good as lame or even the Fhg codec. Lame is by far the way to go. It has also seen extensive testing. Use version 3.90.2 even though there are newer versions (this is the most tested version). With --alt-preset standard, you will end up with the best sounding mp3's available. Most people cannot distinquish between this and cd. I'm not trying to belittle anyone that is using any other codecs, just trying to spread knowledge. So, please use LAME with the --alt-presets. And tell anyone you know of this.

Maybe if the word got out, the world would be rid of the crappy mp3's that are floating around the net.

Also, if you are interested, I can provide some links to listening test that prove Blade, Xing, QDesign et. al. are no where near the quality of lame. Spend a few minutes to accquaint yourself with LAME and I'm sure you'll love the sound.

The only downside is the encoding speed. On my P3 933, I encode at about 3.4x realtime.

Also, for ripping i suggest Exact Audio Copy. CDex can also hold it's own. No more mp3's that have "clicks" from scratches or fingerprints on the source cd.

That's my Public Service Announcement for the day!


Thanks for that Dreamliner - I'll do some reading up on LAME when I get a minute. :)

I have read a few (probably out-of-date) comparisons of the various encoders, but my eyes start glazing over when they break out the osciliscopes (spell?)!:blink:



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