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I just purchased the Audigy Soundcard, installed with no problem and it works just fine but... It has set my computer to boot with a starup sound. I checked my sound properties and for startup I have none checked and I am not running any of the Creative programs at startup.. Any Ideas on how to get rid of the sound?
It's not a true startup sound, if ya have a login screen ay don't notice fast enough that the creative logo comes up and plays too!

to get rid of this run msconfig from the run box, and goto starup tab, then uncheck the box for ADGJdet.exe, and walla problem solved

this progam does nothing that I could find since my audigy runs fine without it so give it a whirl :)
Dont have a login screen and its not checked in msconfig/starup..thats why I was so baffled..Now what ?
Question, should I uninstall all the Audigy programs and reinstall?
wait, so in your msconfig startup the is adgjdet set to load or not? you want to set it so that it does not load, even if you just install the bare minimum's for your audigy it will still install adgjdet which is the file that generates the sound and splash on startup
It's set not to load, no check in the box, thats why Im lost.
Finally free of the starup sound. I used StartupCPL and deleted the string. I am still very confused about why it was still running with the box not checked. Oh well Im not complaining just think it was really weird.
go the the creative site and look at the audigy faq, it should tell you how to disable (in fact i know its in there somewhere)
Wanting to disable the EAX splash screen

The EAX splash screen is the short movie that appears when Windows starts, and is used to demonstrate the sound of the Soundblaster Audigy.

To disable it, go to Start, then Programs, Creative, Sound Blaster Audigy, and click on Creative EAX. Click on the button that looks like a notepad in the lower right hand cornor of the window. This will bring up the option to Load at Startup. Uncheck this to disable the EAX Splash Screen from loading. Exit out of the Creative EAX and it will be done.

here u go - decided to just get it fer ya

thats the link just in case u wanna go there and looky
Thanks alot for the link Druce!!! Thant was really nice! Its Fixed
One little advice. I also bought the Audigy card a little while ago (Audigy Platinum =((), don't install all the software but only the drivers. With thse installed you still get full EAX support and your games will run smoother.

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