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Audigy Sound Card

I have one (MP3) but I am looking for the Internal Drive that comes with the Platinum version. I would like to buy it, "IF" its cheaper then buying a new Audigy2 and even the Audigy Platinum. Does anyone know where I can purchase the internal drive? Or how much they cost. CL sells just the internal Drive for 149 but I can pick up a Audigy 2 Plat for a few dollars more...


hardware monkey
yeah, the drive simply costs way too much. kind of silly. if you want to be able to use a remote and have all those input/outputs, i'd go ahead and get an audigy2 plat for a little more and have a slightly better card at the same time.
I have the I/O card that came with my Sound Blaster Live. But I wonder if I can use it on my Audigy. The one listed on the link you sent said its a I/O 2. That it can be used with the Audigy. I dont think mine is an I/O 2.

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