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Audigy Drivers Disappearing



Today my Sound Blaster Audigy software and drivers have disappeared again.

I can not play any audio files as there is no software or anything. This time I really think this has something to do with browsing the net because there was unusually high hard drive activity.

I played some music before I went on the net but after I finished browsing around, I could not play anything. I checked my audio settings and there was no play back devices.

This has happened before and was solved by completely reinstalling Windows. But I really can not do that now as I dont have the means to back up so much stuff.

I have re-installed the Audigy Drivers several times but I keep getting this error 'there is no mixer device'

I did a scan with Norton AV 2003, no viruses detected.

My specs are

WinXP Pro, fully updated inc. SP1
SB Audigy, software from CD
Try the KX Project Audio Drivers. They are very full-featured and better than Creative's. I have an Audigy 2 on which I've been using them over a month and a half now, and I can say they're a HUGE improvement. They give you a lot more options, too.


These drivers did not work either, sorry, thanks anway.

The audio settings still say there is no playback device.

The sound card is fine, had it for over a year and no problems.
Have you tried checking IRQs or moving your card up/down a slot?

The sound card is fine, had it for over a year and no problems.
Sounds like it has 'em now. It's possible the card isn't working perfectly right.


I have change the slot the card is in and re-installed software from the CD and the KX drivers you recommended. Still getting no further.

lol if the card has seen the light already, I'm kind of stuck as I just spent £360 on a new TFT monitor today and I wont be getting any new parts soon because it wasnt my money. I hope it hasnt as it should last me a while longer, even til the time of Doom 3.

Also my mobo has not got a built in sound card and the MS website has nothing for sound drivers.
:( Aw man, I feel bad for you. If you want an excellent sound card for not too much money, look into a Guillemot Fortissimo III. I have one of those which cost WAY less than my Audigy 2 platinum--it's just that I wanted the amplified mic port.

BTW...who makes your motherboard? Most likely it's AC97 audio, which is a really easy driver to find.


Thanks, dont worry I have a CD/MP3 walkman which I can hook up to my 5.1 speakers although I will need quite a few CD-Rs (I do buy music CDs :p).

I'll have a look around for sound cards just incase it has died. Every computer I have built (3, this is my 3rd) I have used Creative and they have been pretty reliable. Maybe time to try someone else.

My mobo is the Abit KG7 Lite


I have tried all the drivers but nothing has worked.

IE6 has had a minor change to it since the drivers were removed. Everytime I boot up and run IE, its asks 'work offline or retry'.


There are no audio options in the bios.

This has happened before but has been rectified by re-installing WinXP.

But the real problem is that the drivers are installed but there is no mixer device detected or audio hardware found. I ran the Audigy Diagnostic tools and this is what came up,

How can I solve this?


I ran the DirectX Diagnostics and texted the sound and this is what i get for,

Sound Device,
Sound Test Result: Failure at step 3 (DirectSoundCreate): HRESULT = 0x88780078 (No driver)

Test Result: Failure at step 6 (Activating the IDirectMusicPort): HRESULT = 0x88780078 (No driver)

Is there anyway to solve this.


I have tried the sound card in another machine and it does works. It doesnt matter now as I remember I made a back-up hard drive weeks before this, with everything I need.

So I just re-installed XP and just spent a few hours putting all my stuff back on it.

Thanks anyway.

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