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Audigy Doesnt Like WMP9 Properly?


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I dont think the Audigy Card likes WMP9 because i have installed WMP 9 today and i have noticed a slight slow down in music about 3 seconds into the song. This has happened on two computers both with Audigy Cards installed and yet it hasnt done anything like that on an on-board sound card.. Has anyone else experienced the same problem of song slowness just about 2-3 seconds into the song? :(

Thanx for your time

Sincerly Alex:cool:
yeah, i do have the drivers from the cd installed, i installed the newest one's from creative's website last week, and i ran into all sorts of errors, so i had to reinstall my audigy, and now I havent ran into any problems.
monmusion, do you have all the software Audigy programs such as surround mixer and play center and the creative taskbar and EAX? or did u just intall the drivers? :huh:


I notice the same thing,the speed seems a tad too fast at first and slows a little...Although I have the SB Live 5.1+ that came right before the Audigy. One other thing I noticed,that drives me nuts,is,when watching video in MP9...if you have a website open at the same time and scroll with the mousewheel,the video jitters,and you can hear the scratching every time that the page moves. Never did that before,and didn't do the music slowdown with MP8 either.


I also noticed,and wouldn't be surprised if it has something to do with the player speed settings. You can actually "MAKE" it do that same thing with those settings,but it's wierd that it has done that from the moment of install,and only WMP,nothing else. It doesn't bother the videos,from what I can tell,just the music itself.

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