Audigy 2 Volume Problems...


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10 Jan 2004
I am having trouble with my Audigy 2. The other day, I installed a 512mb chip of crucial ram into my computer, (PC2100). At that time I had an Audigy in my computer. After I installed the ram, I had no sound. The only way I could hear the sound was to turn the speaker and windows volume all the way up. Even then it sounded very distorted and weak. So I took the ram out, and tried again, still nothing. So i figured the sound card was bad. I took an SB Live out of an old computer, and it worked fine, volume was good and everything. So I bought the audigy 2, and installed that, the sound is a little better, but still very quiet with the sound turned all the way up, but louder than the audigy. I have tried several different PCI slots, reinstalled drivers many times, reset BIOS, and everything else that I can think of to no avail. I have even tried a reformat and fresh install, and still nothing. The sound is ok, but the volume level is just extremely low. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me out. Comp specs are Athlon 1800+, Abit KR7A-133RAID, 1GB Crucial DDR (PC2100) RAM, Maxtor 30 GB hard drive, Nvidia Geforce 4400, and thats about it. Thanks in advance.
Have you downloaded the latest drivers from Creative's website?
Also, they may have a patch for Windows XP/SP users.
dont you guys hate that? i do cause now i have to subscribe to this thread because Im curious...dirty

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