audigy 2 showing as audigy 1?

11 Mar 2004
im a bit confused... i recently got a new motherboard and cpu. And after its all put in and good for some reason my Audigy 2 is showing as a audigy 1.. as well as i cant install the drivers for a audigy 2 because it says it cant find the audigy 2.

on the old motherboard the audigy 2 showed up.

Invoice from NEwegg.. SOUND BLASTER|AUDIGY 2 PCI SB0244 %

Data from PCMARK 2003.
Creative Audigy Audio Processor (WDM) Driver

Description SB Audigy Audio [A400]
Manufacturer Creative Technology, Ltd.
Driver File ctaud2k.sys
Driver Version
Driver Date 4-11-2003
Driver WHQL Certified true
Max Supported 3D Hardware Sounds 64
EAX Support Supported
Name Creative Audigy Audio Processor (WDM)
Vendor ID 0x1102
Device ID 0x0004
SubSystem ID 0x10071102
Revision ID 0x04
11 Mar 2004
this is still doing this only drivers i can use are the ones on the driver cd that came with it...... i know old post my 3rd recorded here.

Admiral Michael

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19 Feb 2003
I emailed Creative about the X-Fi enhanced (fancy) control center and how it isn't available when you use the drivers off the site. What they said I had to do was install off the CD and then upgrade the drivers. Have you tried this?

EDIT: If memory serves me correctly, I had a similiar issue on a client's comp. I think I ended up upgrading the drivers myself through device manager or something (been a while). I have to admit creative's drivers off the site seem to have issues.

Now that I think of it maybe it can't find your Audigy 2 is becuase it's looking for the creative drivers and you have the windows ones (correct me if Im wrong).
11 Mar 2004
not sure. It works fine off the drivers of the cd.. so i havent messed with it too much. But i have tried using a driver off the web a few months ago and still didnt work to update it.

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