audi xp case window size?


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i was at the manufacturer site for my case and i saw that they have my case with a window as a new upgrade for the same price as the original, but thats not what i want. do u think u could tell what is the size of that window it is a perfect size for me. 12x12? or what plz help so i can get a nice window hehe thanks peeps


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since you have the case right there, you'd have to estimate where the window boundries would be and measure it. you would have more luck measuring your case than us trying to guess based on a picture.


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will check

ill try and check. and also i found nice spray that lights under uv light like a week ago ill buy that too with my cathodes! my case will soon be pimp! and ill post pics. btw im sure we have it here but it says to make the spray permenent apply CLEAR COAT lacquer cuz if u dont u can just wash it off by water.

blue uv spray They also have other colors:happy:


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ya its 12 by 12 inches

yeah its in inches but the thing is that the little handle thing so u can open the case i think its too in the way. wait now im thinking off getting 12x16. so should i just cut the handle thingy off? how much space (inches) do i need extra so the window wont fall out. u know what i mean so the molding stays on the metal if i have like one cm i think the case will break if u know what i mean.


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to clear things up

just to make things easier on ur brains on what i mean. its not a handle just a dent inwards so u can grasp it better, so i can take it off. also here is the link to the one i think im getting, what i meant by too close to the egde is that i cant start at the edge i need some distance like 3/4th an inch. and what does the washer do and also why is there a weird litle upsidedown u shape in the cut?

12x16 inch window kit

hope that clears up my mess


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how much of a gap you cut away depends solely on the kit you bought. once you get it you can look at hte molding and see how much space it gives you between the panel and window. then you cut accordingly. 3/4" is probably a bit too large of a gap, by the way.

and why 12"x16"? if the 16" was the width, then a good 4" of that is going to be displaying the side of your harddrives and optical drives. no one wants to see that. just get a nice 12"x12" window and mount it close the the back of the panel. square windows are more tasteful than rectangle ones, imo.


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yeha i guess so

yeah i mean i kinda wanted to show the hard drives since im also getting round uv ide and floppy cables but yeah i think ure right. a square one would look better.

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