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Attn: PDA Users, Help me pick one out!

I'm looking for a PDA right now, i've seen the AXIM X3, and thats what I'm leaning toward right now. There are a few versions of it.. this is the one I've chosen so far.

I was wondering if the new iPod would be a better choice, since it integrates basic PDA fuctions into it, and has a huge hard drive. I mostly want a PDA for listening to MP3s, and keeping track of my schedule. Would that automatically make me a perfect match for the new iPod? Since its Windows Compatable, it just seems so right.

I dont have or need a cell phone, so that rules out the new Sidekick which either way doesnt seem to have that good of a reputation. Its just a bunch of half-decent stuff taped together in a ball with a keypad.

Any review sites, or personal reviews anybody wants to give me, even if it isnt about the latest and greatest PDAs im very open to look into older ones.

Thanks nerds :p
well im set then. i i'll order one. out of curiosity which did you get? low, medium, or high version? low = slowest, high = fastest


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i own a pda, a toshiba e740. i like it. a LOT. i know ppl have said that it comes with some errors, but so far mine has worked perfectly. built in wifi, 400 mhz, 64 ram, sd and cf slots...

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