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Attn: Oulook XP Experts: Office XP Font size preview pane font size bug PLEASE help



I am running Office XP SP1. I cannot get Office XP's preview pane to stick to "Larger" font size in preview pane. It reverts back to "Medium" as soon as an email is displayed in the preview pane which isn't in HTML format.

Whats the trick to make the preview pane stick to "Larger" font size?

Before suggesting things to try, please try to see if your suggestion fixes the problem.

BTW: This is 100% reproducable.


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On this page under the heading "Sizing up your space" it states:
Changing the font size like this changes the font size for the preview pane in all of your folders, but it DOESN'T change the font size that appears when you actually open the message.


Surely, there must be someone that knows how to make the preview pane behave correctly with "Larger" font set.

Normally, this wouldn't be a big deal, but since it also affects IE's font size, I can't ignore it. If IE's font size is set to "Larger" and Outlook XP's preview pane reverts to "Medium", IE's font size will change too.

Before posting, please try it yourself to see what I'm talking about. It is pretty straight forward to reproduce.
You can just manually set the pt site for regular non-html messages so that it doesn't keep reverting back.

goto tools, options, mail format,

under stationery and fonts, choose fonts, then choose under when composing and reading plain text messages, click the choose font button and up the size.

I tried this to make sure it worked and it worked fine for me. all plain text messages and previews used the font set here, and the font for html stayed at larger.


I already have text font (non-HTML) set larger (12 point font) for the preview pane. I do get consistent font sizes for this. I never had a problem with these non-HTML emails previewed. Unfortunately, this doesn't effect the behavior of HTML emails viewed in the preview pane.

If I preview an HTML email in the preview pane at "Larger", then use the arrow key to move to a non-HTML email (12 point font or higher) and move use the arrow key to move back to the HTML email, the font size reverts back to "Medium".

This behavior is consistent with all my machines. In fact, this problem has been around since Outlook 2000.

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Ok, trying to make this clearer..

Non-HTML emails are fine...no problems with them at all...

HTML emails are the prolem. You can preview them at the defined size, ,however if you then view a non-html email then go to another html email it has reverted to the default size ... this therefore causes internet explorer to revert to the default size.

Mkanet is a friend and I know that he uses either a huge monitor or TV and therefore a large font size is required. That any clearer ? :D
Originally posted by mkanet
In fact, this problem has been around since Outlook 2000.
If a problem cannot be solved, maybe it is not a problem but a fact. Something that is not to be solved but to be dealt with. I personally don't use the programs in question but I have tried to offer up suggestions to you. I will leave you alone now. Sorry for the inconvenience. :rolleyes:


xsivforce, I appreciate your suggestion. I never doubted that it was a problem/fact.

The purpose of my post is to see if anyone uses Outlook /w preview using a "Larger" font size; I am guessing someone on this forum has :)

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When places like this make enough noise, Microsoft tend to take note. I am sure they have people browsing these forums as well as the others to try and improve their operating system.

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