Attention all MSI Neo 875P FIS2R users!...your opinion is required!...

16 Jan 2004
Hi...I recently purchased the Neo 875P FIS2R after reading some fantastic reviews on it. However, I was browsing the AnandTech forum last night and most of the replies in the topic were extremely negative towards the board and MSI...People sending them back etc. I have not built my new system yet with the Neo FIS2R so I was wondering what other people's opinions of this board are, how they are finding it's performance, stability etc before I build.
All input will be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks from Colin.

P.S.- Overclocking for me is NOT a priority...stability I feel is most important to me.
I know Sazar has one of these running his 3400+ Athlon64bit.
Infact, thats exactly the same setup I currently intend to buy at the end of next month when I am out in the states.
nah EP... :eek:

thats an intel board :D

I had an 865PE neo fisr though... there is not much difference between the 865 and 875 with msi's solution... only on the 875 PAT is licensed and on the 865PE they rename it to DOT...

its feature rich and highly flexible plus it is extremely fast... it is also a stable board... those who sent the boards back are likely noobs who didn't bother to install their drivers properly :) you will find hordes of them all over the place m8...

I spent a coupla months with my board before I got my new cpu and enjoyed it quite a bit...

the only thing you DO have to worry about is getting ddr400 memory to complement the system... slower mem will cause the fsb to automatically drop... if you use a canterwood cpu... the fsb will be 800 with a ddr400 solution but can drop to 3xxmhz with a ddr533 solution (quirky with memory as you can see)

so long as you buy the proper ram to go with the board... it is stable/fast and absolutely chock bang loaded with extra's :)
haha well I just saw msi and neo :D and fis2r.. :s
i have the neo2 865PE! it runs pretty good in my opinion- i chose this over the ASUS p4p800 deluxe after reading tomshardware rant about it, haha
Hi Guys...Thanks for the replies...really appreciated!
...and've really put my mind at rest :)
np... btw... your avatar is giving me nightmares :eek:

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