Attached the ball and chain this weekend!


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15 Feb 2005
Yep its true, I got married...

My parents now know it is a reality... I really wonder though because my mother asked me a million times if I had "cold feet".


I honestly thought I would be more nervous, and I got emotional when the minister read the names of those people not wth us who have passed.

My grandfather and I were real close, I really wished he could have been there. :cry:

The weather was beautiful, a slight breeze across the beach, and NO RAIN on the wedding itself...

I will post some pictures once I delete the filler photos...


OK folks HERE are the photos which I found most appropriate...
Two pics of the grooms Dinner, wearing our stupid hats, and the grooms cake (GO NOLES!@!) Us with the wedding party, me with my bride and groomsman and/or bridesmaids... and the people most important at the wedding...

if you have any questions ask away!!
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Congratulations. Here are two cookies, one for each of you.
Aww congrats to you both,pics are lovely especially pic 151dscd :D
Congrats, but you got married on a football day!?!

Let her pick the day, huh?
Congrats Mike, my big day is also coming up fast!
Congrats Man awesome beach. I Am gona be dropping the question to my girl soon or later here.
Ooh, I feel so sorry for you :p

Kidding aside, I wish you both the best of luck.
The pictures are great. Here's to the happy couple!!!!!

Just remember the biggest cause of divorce in the world is marriage.

PS Beautiful bride. Groom kinda ruins the pictures... Is the brides maid on the brides right available? :yowch:
you are one lucky man my friend, best of all luck to you and yours
Happy Happy... Oh wait, wrong occasion.

My condolences? Noooooo, not yet. :p

Ooooh yeah, Congrats man. :D
Congratulations!.. Don't listen to all these negative people.. :D Marriage definitely has it's up's and down's and in and out's.. :p Wish you all the best!!
Congratulations!! Enjoy your life together!!
Nice one!

Looks like a fantastic wedding!

may your lives me full of sunshine and puppies and... all that jazz
Thanks everyone...

I cant wait till the photos from the wedding photographer come back it will be another 3 weeks before we get them, these pics were from friends and family with decent cameras.

My dad has a Nikon D2X which were used for most of these...

It was a great party...

PS Beautiful bride. Groom kinda ruins the pictures... Is the brides maid on the brides right available? :yowch:
EDIT: The Matron of honor is her best friend and is married, she is a knock-out... her husband is a guy all the women swoon over as well, they make a VERY good-lookng couple...

and as for that Groom comment... HA... I know Im a good looking husband... got to get used to saying that now :)
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