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i have to attach a screenshot i have created in paint using the attach file that is located in this form.
but it never attaches, can someone tell me what i'm doing wrong.

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Make sure it has the correct extension. jpg, bmp for example. If that is correct try disabling or enabling some programs. When I had netsonic loaded & I wanted to upload a file anywhere I would have to turn it on before the file would go anywhere. Thankfully just removing netsonic altogether fixed the problem.
question about screenshot

i have a screenshot i have created in paint
how can i attach it to this forum,i have tryed in the past but i have been unsuccessfull


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Save it to your desktop or where ever, then when you reply, towards the bottom you'll see 'Attach File' with the browse button. Click browse and attach your file. File size can't be any larger then 542880 bytes and must be either gif, jpg, png, zip bmp jpeg or rar

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Are you trying to upload you pic to this thread or another? If the file is too big or the wrong extention you'll get a msg, do you get any msg when trying to upload?


the pic your are trying to upload ... are you sure it is a valid type.. what is the file called exactly
and make sure you dont hide the extensions of known file types
thanks for time

file type is Bitmap Image & it says open with Windows Picture and

i have never been able to do this on any forum so it is probably something i'm doing wrong


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To attach a file:

When creating a new post and want to also attach a file you need to use the browse button near the bottom of the page. Once you've located your file and have completed the message you are posting you simply need to click 'Submit'.

Try it again.


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Originally posted by bluzeboy
i did attach it-is there something else i need to do when i attach?
Just make sure it's the correct extension, size and that you have typed something, anything in "Your Reply"

i'm sorry for the empty posts.
i had success earlier by crearing a document in notepad and attaching
but i'm unable to attach a screenshot,can someone please provide me with the steps for creating & attaching a screenshot

at present i am creating a screenshot by doing the following
getting the screen to be copied/press print scrn/open paint /edit/ paste/file/save as/

what am i doing wrong?


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I've merged the other threads you've started regarding this question. There really is no need to start numreous threads about the same thing.
We've explained how to attached a screenshot...try using a different program such as Photoshop or PaintShop


if you have access to a little webspace you can just use the img tags with the url to the pic inbetween them



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Originally posted by Burpster
if you have access to a little webspace you can just use the img tags with the url to the pic inbetween them

Yep, just make sure it's not a huge image as some members are on dialup. Don't want it taking forever to download for them.

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