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The latest Windows XP driver for ATi Radeon has been leaked. This is the driver dated January 8, 2002 that ATi developers has been playing with for a week or so now.

According to the users who already tried this driver, you can now adjust anisotrpoic filtering within the driver control panel (2X to 16X). Performance is said to be close to that of the 6011 driver.

Download: ATi Radeon Winxp driver v6.13.10.6018

The download is a little slow to start

They will be released shortly too...the supported drivers I mean...and since when was anisotropic filtering in times? isnt it tap?

according to the file name I'm downloading (ATI_R200_XP...), are these drivers only for the 8500 or could I install them for my 7500 ?
Thanx !
y not just get the new official release of the drivers from Windows, there is no built in anisotropic filtering setting changer...
Geez... I couldn't wait for that driver... I had that ATI Radeon card and wound up selling it on Ebay because I could NOT use the computer whatsoever until I got another video card that was compatible. So I have a Nvidia GeForce card now and it works great. :)

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