ATI Radeon 9600xt AIW


Rock Chalk Jayhawk
10 Apr 2004
I've tried every Catalyst I can find, from 3.9 through current, and the overdrive tab will still not show up. I was under the impression that all "xt" cards had overdrive, does the AIW version also? Any info would be great.
Matt W
answered your pm :)

I'll post here anyways..

the AIW card does not appear to have overdrive but it does come clocked higher stock it seems than a regular 9600XT which is 500/325 (650 ddr)...

the AIW has higher core speed @ 525mhz... mem clock is the same...
I'll move the messages to here then ;) doesn't seem to have any info on this, they say that 9800xt and 9600xt cards have this feature. If anybody actually has this card I'd really be interested in talking about how well they overclock and stability.

The other issue I've had is in the FM tuner, it plays fine for 3 or 4 minutes, they I get nothing but static. If I close and restart the FM tuner, it does the same thing. I've tried several versions of MMC, and thought it might be a conflict with my Audigy 2, but removing my Audigy software doesn't appear to affect it. If it helps, the one time it worked fine was RIGHT after I wiped my HD and reinstalled.

Matt W
I'd recommend posting in the tech segment of rage3d in the AIW section...

they have more ati cards there than anywhere else and the people should be able to help you out some...

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