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ATI Drivers Problem


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Hi !

I got a problem with my Graphics card and the drivers..
I got an ATI Radeon 9700 PRO I used Catalyst 4.2 Drivers and then out of nothing the Screen started to got stuck and the VPU recover thing appeared...
I sent mails to ATI, they said it was Drivers problem, I uninstalled current Drivers, intalled v4.3 but it Still happens..
the question if it is a Driver Problem as they say on ATI... or my 8 months 9700 PRO wants to go to the garbage bin ?


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a little more description of the problem might help...

else you may want to consider rolling back to an older/more stable driver set such as the 3.9's or 3.1's which many people consider the most stable set...
What SAZAR and Teddy said:

If overclocking, don't. Bad idea on GPUs.

Uninstall the ATI drivers then use Nasty File Remover


just to make sure. Run it with the ATI option set. If you are using an Nvidia mother board do not run the Nvidia remover. If Via, SIS etc MB go ahead and select the nvidia option too.

Also, remove your windows restore points. No point saving bad installs. Save a new one as soon as you are up and running with a new driver.

Roll back or forward on drivers. I've had weirdness from my 9500 PRO. Here are the best drivers I've seen:

3.9 - Best
4.1 - Ok
4.3 - Ok
3.4 - Most Reliable. Older but had to drop back to it for 6 months to use HW2.

POS - 4.2 nothing but trouble.


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I am not doing any OC.
What Happens is that My Screen just hangs up in the middle of nothing and the VPU recover restarts the VPU of my Card I see a black screen and then I can work again till it happens again...
I am gonna try to find & then download the 3.9 Drivers set. !

ty !


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I have installed the old drivers (3.9) everything went smooth no problems yet...

Hope that the pc will continue this way...

Thank you for the help ...

We I feel any difference in games between 3.9 and 4.3 ?


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running 4.2 Cats here since release and no problems in desktop or games

/me knocks on wood

-Edit- running a 9600pro


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Once in a while, when i am playing UT2K4. My screen will freeze for about a minute and then i cant do anything. I just let it sit, it unfreezes itself and it is fine for the rest of the time. that happens both on my 9200 and my 9600AIW

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